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Peggy Wilkie lives in Aspen, CO and has been a visual storyteller for over 20 years through videography and still photography. She sees beauty everywhere she looks and believes it is her mission to preserve the essence and joy of any given situation. Whether it be a scenic shot or a photograph of an event, it is Peggy’s goal to capture the heart and soul of the moment. You can view more of Peggy’s work at peggywilkiephoto.com.


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Brandy Keleher is a natural light portrait photographer who aims to capture you and your loved ones just as they are now and as they grow. The love families have for each other is magical and makes her job extra special when she gets to meet and photograph amazing people. In addition to being a photographer, Brandy is also an 8th grade science teacher at Aspen Middle School, a wife to an amazing husband and a mother to two even more amazing kiddos. All these jobs keep her laughing and smiling every day. You can view more of Brandy’s work at www.brandylaurenphotography.com.


Together, Wilkie Keleher Images hopes to authentically document your love story so it can be told for generations to come.

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